Finding a Home and a Good Investment in Puerto Bahia Villas and Spa

Whether you are planning to retire soon or simply dreaming of acquiring a summer house by the harbor of Mexico’s lovely beaches, you will surely find a suitable place in Puerto Bahia Villas. Famous for its stunning scenery and affordable rates, this property development just north of Puerto Vallarta seems too good to be true. While it is practically difficult to own a villa under favorable terms, the team behind this ambitious project has successfully merged the principles of luxury living with affordability. Imagine owning a dream villa for nearly half the rate of other competitors—that is certainly what a good property investment would be like.

Puerto Bahia has taken advantage of the neighboring natural wonders to lure the investors from places as far as Canada. Both the Bay of Banderas and Marina La Cruz surround this development site. The villas themselves are tourist attractions as well. They have employed the rustic appeal of old world Mexico and the elegance of contemporary pieces. And since it is an exclusive community, the site also has its own Puerto Bahia Spa which made the villas more conducive to relaxation and luxury living.

However, the real deal is not limited to the views and design of the houses. Rather, it is about the process of owning a property or lot in Puerto Bahia. Whether you prefer to buy a fully-furnished house or just an ample lot with which to build a villa of your own, the options are available for you to choose.

Investors who are interested in buying a villa or a property in Mexico can avail of the Puerto Bahia’s Fly and Buy events. These are being held to provide the prospects with the opportunity to see the development site and get valuable information regarding property ownership in Mexico, particularly in Puerto Bahia. The good thing about these events is that there is no pressure on the part of the visitors to make a purchase right then and there. In fact, they will simply find themselves falling in love with the place to immediately process a property ownership.

Puerto Bahia also provides financing options to interested parties. Owning a villa in Mexico is just about the same process as it is when you buy a property in your hometown—mortgage loans, homeowner’s insurance and rental programs all applies in Puerto Bahia properties. Hence, the competitive advantage of Puerto Bahia Villas is based on how it makes the dream of owning a villa more possible for everyone.


I love Puerto Bahvia Villas!

“I have been looking for a great vacation home for the past 2 years, and I’ve finally found a place that is well-worth the money. A vacation home in Mexico and right on the beach was my ideal location, and I was finally able to find it through Puerto Bahvia Villas. I’m from Nebraska, so I really wanted a place where it felt like a whole different planet without having traveling across the whole world. I love the fact that it’s not just a vacation home and that it’s also a spa; whenever I’m on vacation I feel like a pampered queen, and isn’t that the way a gal should always feel when she’s on vacation?

My favorite aspect about the company? The fact that I could design my ideal home! I got to work with some of the most amazing people to make my dream home come true. All of the other real estate companies I went to didn’t exactly give me a choice when it came to what my home looked like. They were all beautiful, sure, but I felt like the overall designs weren’t exactly me and my taste.

I’ll be completely honest in saying that I’m a very picky person, and it seems like all of the employees here understood where I was coming from. They really eased my mind about investing into a great vacation home. Now, I did a bit of research on this company since I’m also a skeptic, and I was completely put at ease when I found that GVA & Associates were in charge of all the architectural design of the whole spa! I have heard some amazing reviews about them, and I have seen a lot of the great work that they have done.

I would highly recommend Puerto Bahvia Villas to anyone who is extremely picky and has their own vision of what their dream vacation home should look like. I am so very happy with my choice!”


Debbie Harolson

Bloomfield, Nebraska


Great Vacation Home

“I’ve always been a bit skeptical about vacation homes. I mean, why not just shell out some money and stay at a hotel instead of buying your own place that you’d only stay in for a week or two at a time? But, my wife was nagging me to check out a timeshare place in Mexico, and she stumbled upon Puerto Bahvia Villas. We’ve always been a fan of Mexico and go there every year on vacation. The next time we went to Mexico, we visited the lots. We were immediately impressed with the beautiful architecture of all of the different villas.

We went on a tour of the facility, and were taken back by how we could smell the salty breeze of the ocean. We were shown a model villa, and my wife grabbed my arm tightly and said that she fell in love with it. We were made aware of being able to design our own home, but she liked the layout of the initial villa that we saw. Upon a further tour, we came across the spa area and the pool; it felt like paradise.

We had also checked out a few other agencies in the general area (we were highly interested in the Puerto Vallarta area), and we decided that they did not even compare to Puerto Bahvia Villas. With the beautiful villas, the spa, and the great view, we thought it was too good to be true and there was some kind of a catch. But that was not the case. I don’t think I have ever felt more comfortable discussing real estate than I did with this company.

The price was fair and fit into the budget we had set aside for this occasion, and the next thing we knew, we were signing up for our amazing dream vacation home. I highly recommend Puerto Bahvia Villas to anyone who is looking for a vacation home in Mexico!”


Leonard Harper

Albany, New York


Turning a Dream Villa to a Reality

Everyone dreams of owning his own place away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Puerto Bahia Villas & Spa in Mexico’s Riviera Nayarit makes this a reality with unparalleled offerings and unique ownership terms designed to make luxury resort living within easy reach. Located at the heart of the Puerto Vallarta region known for pristine beaches and gentle weather, this piece of paradise is fast becoming a mecca of deluxe real estate development.

The development’s lots are spread throughout three different locations, each offering a spectacular vantage point – mountain view, ocean view, and prime ocean view. Depending on one’s preference, property owners can take full advantage of the picturesque surroundings courtesy of the able property developer, Luxury Villa Lifestyles. The company assigns a team of experts who will consult with owners and oversee the construction of the villa. Renovations will also be handled by the company to rid property owners of the worries that go along these custom changes.

GVA & Associates, on the other hand, is the partner company tasked to provide state-of-the-art designs to discriminating owners. The architectural firm brings with it four decades of expertise in creating an enclave for relaxation and opulent living in this part of the world. Property owners can leave their worries behind and let the creative minds of talented architects and interior designers plot the blue print of their coastal dream homes.

While affording world-class amenities, Puerto Bahia Villas and Spa also provides the best investment opportunity in Mexico. Security is a prime consideration and potential villa buyers can look forward to substantial protection services such as land title insurance and U.S. escrow account. It also offers flexible ownership terms where one can rent out, transfer or even sell the property. Dedicated agents are on hand to extend advice and assistance to property owners to make the most out of their investments. In addition, prime lots are valued at 30% to 40% lower than prevailing prices in the Mexican real estate market under the same category.

To fully appreciate these luxurious offerings, potential buyers can take advantage of the Fly and Buy events that provide investors with a thorough knowledge of investing in real estate in Mexico. These events include a familiarization tour of the location and in-depth consultations with sales agents who will walk them through the steps in acquiring a property in the booming destination that is Puerto Bahia Villas and Spa.